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2017 TechCon® SE Asia Conference Speakers:

Kobayashi portrait7  

Dr. Takayuki Kobayashi

Takayuki Kobayashi is a Senior manager of Substation Engineering of TEPCO Power Grid, Inc. Member of CIGRE and senior member of IEE of Japan.
He joined Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc., in 1984. He has worked to develop transformers, GCB and GIS applied in 500kV substations. Also, He is engaged in the development of diagnosis techniques for substation equipment. He is one of leaders of substation development and maintenance in Japan.
 shimomugi portrait3

Mr. Kojiro Shimomugi

Kojiro Shimomugi is a Senior engineer of Substation Engineering of TEPCO Power Grid, Inc. 
Member of CIGRE and IEE of Japan.
He has more than 7 years of experience in the development, operation and maintenance for substation equipment. 
 Kevin Chong

Mr. Kevin Chong

Kevin Chong is a Specialist Reliability Engineer at Rio Tinto (Iron Ore) in Australia. He has over 15 years’ experience in engineering and asset management in the power utility and mining resource industry in Australia and New Zealand.Before joining Rio Tinto, Kevin has held various senior engineering and management roles at Transpower in New Zealand and Western Power in Australia. He was previously a member in the Australia Cigré D1 (Materials and Emerging Test Techniques) working group.
Kevin earned an honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Canterbury and a Master degree in Engineering Management at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. He is also a Chartered (CPEng) member of Engineers Australia.
 Stuart Nell2

 Mr. Stuart Nell

Stuart Nell is an Electrical Engineer at Rio Tinto (Iron Ore) in Australia. He has over 4 years’ experience in electrical power and renewable energy engineering coupled with extensive knowledge in management of high voltage assets. He has strong interest in renewable energy and has successfully delivered multiple solar energy projects in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.
Stuart holds an electrical power engineering, renewable energy engineering and management degree from Murdoch University and is currently completing his MBA at the University of Western Australia. He is a current member of Engineers Australia (MIEAust) and is progressing towards his Chartered (CPEng) membership.

Mr. Niklas Gustavsson

Niklas Gustavsson has 10 years of experience with Research & Development, and product management for tap-changers within ABB. In his current position as Product Manager, Mr. Gustavsson is responsible for life-cycle management and strategic planning for the complete tap-changer portfolio. 
Biodata Aizam2

Mr. Mohd Aizam Talib

Mohd Aizam Talib received his Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from the University of Portsmouth, UK in 1997 and Master degree in Electrical Engineering from Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), Malaysia in 2001. Upon graduation in 1997, he worked with ABB Transmission and Distribution Sdn Bhd as a Design Engineer. Since 1998, he has been employed by TNB Research Sdn Bhd as a Research Engineer. His research interests are in transformer condition monitoring, insulation diagnostic and dielectric measurements. 
 Kyoichi Uehara

Mr. Kyoichi Uehara

Kyoichi Uehara received his B.S degree in electrical engineering in 1977 from Waseda University, Japan. He entered Toshiba in 1977 has been engaged in T&D Engineering work in Toshiba.
He is currently an Expert member (Japanese representative) of IEC ACTAD and TC122 Assistant secretary. He is a secretary of the Japanese National Committee of CIGRE, a senior member of IEEE and a member of IEEJ.
Dong jin Kweon

Mr. Dong-Jin Kweon(PhD) 

Dong-Jin Kweon is a principal researcher of Korea Electric Power Corporation Research Institute. He has joined at KEPCO RI since 1995. He received his Ph.D. degrees from Soongsil University, Korea, in 1995. He has been working in the field of diagnosis, on-line monitoring and asset management for power transformers since 1990. He is a currently membership of CIGRE working group A2-55.
 Arne Petersen

Mr. Arne Petersen

Arne Petersen has a Bsc.Eng from RMIT, Melbourne and a MBA degree from University of Queensland. He has five years experience as transformer designs engineer and 27 years as transformer specialist and manager of HV Plant. He now works as consulting engineer specialising in transformer technology. He has conducted many investigations in to transformer failures and fires in Australia and SE Asia. He is an active member of Cigre and was Convenor of the working group who wrote and  published Cigre Technical Brochure: #537 “Guide For Transformer Fire Safety Practices”. 

Mr. Brian Sparling

Brian D. Sparling, a Senior Member of IEEE, is a Regional Manager with Dynamic Ratings Inc. Brian has over twenty years of experience in the field of power and distribution transformers. For the last 23 years he has been involved in all aspects of monitoring and diagnostics and condition assessment of power transformers.
He has authored and co-authored more than 20 technical papers on various topics dealing with the monitoring and diagnostics of transformers.
He has worked on many guides and standards with the Canadian Electricity Association, IEEE Transformers Committee and, the CIGRÉ A2 Transformer committee.

Mr. Claude Beauchemin

Claude Beauchemin graduated from Université de Montréal in chemistry in 1976. He has been working 30 years for Syprotec (acquired by GE Canada) in the development and application of on-line gas-in-oil monitors for power transformer (Hydran, Faraday and Intellix systems). Claude joined TJ|H2b Analytical Services in 2011 as Director of Technical Development and Director of Quality Assurance. He is member of the IEEE Transformer Committee (chair of C57.104 DGA interpretation guide and member of several WG), CIGRE (A2.44, A2.47, A2.49, A2D1.46, D1.52 and D1.53), ASTM (Chair of D27.03), IEC (TC10), SCC and the Ordre Des Chimistes du Québec.

Mr. Michael Krüger

Michael Krüger is PRINCIPAL ENGINEER for testing and diagnostic measurements on electric power equipment with OMICRON electronics GmbH in Klaus, Austria. He studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Aachen (RWTH) and the University of Kaiserslautern (Germany) and graduated in 1976 (Dipl.-Ing.). In 1990 he received the Dr. (PHD) degree from the Technical University of Vienna. Michael Krüger has more than 40 years of experience in high voltage engineering and insulation diagnosis on GIS, instrument transformers, cables, power transformers and rotating machines.
He has published many papers about electrical measurements on different assets and holds 15 patents. He is member of VDE, Cigre and IEEE and works in several working groups of OEVE, IEC and Cigre.


 Dr Hiroki Ito

Dr. Hiroki Ito

Hiroki Ito is currently Senior Chief Engineer of Energy & Industrial System Group, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. He was the Convener of CIGRE WG A3.22 and 28 that investigated the specifications of UHV substation equipment. He is also the members of IEC62271-310 MT40: Electrical endurance tests of Circuit breakers, and IEC62271-302: Controlled switching. He is the Chairman of CIGRE Study Committee A3: High voltage equipment since 2012.

Mr. Pascal G. Mueller

Pascal G. Mueller is currently working as Senior Program Manager (high voltage and power generation) with Elektrizitätswerk der Stadt Zürich (ewz). His responsibilities include technical and strategic advice and drawing up the refurbishment/replacement cluster strategy for ewz substations. Pascal has twenty years of project management experience in the field of planning and implementation of substations construction/replacement.

He is also a specialist in high voltage technology, power transformers and GIS in particular. He is the convener of CIGRE Working Group A2.55: life extension of oil filled transformers and shunt reactors. Before he was a regular member (CHE) and organized the joint Colloquium A2/C4 in 2013 in Zurich. He was member in A2.34 (guide for transformer maintenance) and A2. 37 (transformer reliability survey).



Mr. Karl Haubner

Karl Haubner joined Doble Engineering in 2004 and is employed as the High Voltage Test Application Engineer servicing the Asia-Pacific region. Prior to his appointment with Doble Engineering he worked for a Utility in Western Australia. As the Superintendent of the HV Test Laboratory he was responsible for all technical aspects of the test group such as development and introduction of new condition monitoring techniques on distribution, transmission and generating plant.
In addition to his employment with Doble Karl also provides testing and consultancy services to the industry via his company High Voltage Solutions and in Malaysia via GTS Malaysia. He is the author of several technical papers on condition monitoring of HV assets and cable fault location and has delivered short courses on testing techniques at University and Industry level. Karl has a Diploma in Electrical Engineering and is member of Cigre D1 and Australian Standards Committee EL-007.

Ms. Jelena Lukic (PhD)

Jelena Lukic, PhD in Chemical engineering is working as head of Laboratory for insulating oil and paper testing in department for Electrical Measurements of Electrical Engineering Institute Nikola Tesla, an independent research organization, responsible for testing and diagnostics of electrical apparatus for utilities in production, transmission and distribution of electricity. She has 20 years of experience, working in the institute Nikola Tesla and her field of expertise is transformer diagnostics derived from oil analyses, corrosive sulfur phenomena in power transformers, oil reclamation and re-refining for the removal of PCB, corrosive sulfur and oil ageing products.
She is delegate of Serbia National Committee in IEC TC 10 and member of advisory group of CIGRE SC AG.D1.01. Jelena is engaged in different CIGRE working groups, currently in: WG A2.45, WG A2/D1 46, WG A2.55 and WG D1.70. She was the convener of CIGRE WG A2.40: “Copper sulphide long-term Mitigation and Risk Assessment”.

Mr. Gobi Kannan

Gobi Kannan is Registered Professional Engineer & Chartered Electrical Engineer (IET UK) in Tenaga Nasional Berhad Transmission Division, Malaysia. He is also CIGRE A2 Workgroup Representative Member representing Malaysia National Committee. He is currently responsible for new technology assessment, diagnostics and equipment performance improvement for Transformer Unit in Engineering Department of TNB. In his previous position Gobi was responsible on the Asset Management and Maintenance Department. In this role he was responsible to perform technical assessment and evaluation on this new technology. Furthermore, he was the secretary for launching the ASEAN Bushing Guidebook and Gobi holds a Bachelors Electrical Engineering Degree from Western Michigan University and Masters of Power Engineering from Tenaga Nasional University.

Mr. Antony Giacomin 

Antony Giacomin is the Sales & Marketing Manager for TJ|H2b Analytical Services based in Melbourne, Australia, and is responsible for activities throughout the Asia-Pacific region. 
Antony received an Honours Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Melbourne in 1992.  He has since acquired over 20 years’ experience in Engineering design, Technical Sales and Marketing, primarily in the fields of Engineering Manufacturing and Technical Services.  
Antony joined TJ|H2b Analytical Services in 2002 and has since helped to establish TJ|H2b as one of the leading Oil testing Laboratories in the Asia Pacific region. Antony has given numerous technical presentations at major events throughout the region, relating to diagnostic testing and condition monitoring of HV Equipment.
 Chee Hong

Mr. Chan Chee Hong

He is currently Distribution Manager of Energy Management Services Sdn Bhd. and has 8 years’ experience in the electric power industry. He hold a BEng (Hons) in Electrical Engineering (major in Mechatronic) from the University of Technology Malaysia and an MBA from International Islamic University Malaysia. He passed the BEM/IEM part II professional examination in Electrical Power System. He began his career in 1998 with Ajinomoto (M) Sdn Bhd as an Electrical Engineer and subsequently promoted to Section Head in Utility Department. He advanced his career in Malaysia Milk Sdn Bhd as a Plant Engineer in charge for the UHT lines. He joined Swedish Motor Assemblies as a facilities engineer and promoted to Senior Engineer in Utility and Manufacturing. In year 2008 he joined Electricity Supply Board Services (ESBS) as a Commercial Manager to serve and provide consultation to various customers in Kulim Hi Tech Park. He is the 132kV competent engineer and electrical energy manager certified by Energy Commission. Following a restructuring exercise, he left the Electricity Supply Board Services (ESBS) in July 2014 to take up a new challenge in his career as Distribution Manager of Energy Management Services Sdn Bhd, an Operations, Maintenance and Management (OMM) company involved in the daily operations and management of NUR Power Group’s power transmission and distribution assets in the Kulim Hi Tech Park.
 CST hr foata 2

Mr. Marc Foata

Mr. Foata obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal in 1983 and his Master’s degree in Engineering Mechanics from UCSD (University of California San Diego) in 1984. 
Mr. Foata has held numerous engineering positions within a major Canadian utility (Hydro-Québec) over a career spanning from 1985 to 2010. From R&D, to Maintenance, Specifications and Asset Management, Mr. Foata covered all aspects of transformer engineering from a utility perspective.  In 2011, he joined Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) to manage the new Canadian Office located in the Montreal Area and since 2016 he holds the position of Senior Technical Advisor at MR corporate offices in Regensburg, Germany.  
Mr. Foata is member of CIGRE for which he has been active in numerous working groups. He has co-authored more than 20 technical papers on transformer and OLTC management and testing. In 2013, he received the CIGRE Technical Committee Award for his contribution to the work of Study Committee A2 – Transformers.
 Chian Yaw

Mr. Chian Yaw

Chian Yaw started to work for Nynas Pte Ltd (Singapore) in May 2008. During the period of 2008-2014, he worked as Regional Sales Manager for South East Asia and parts of North East Asia, including Taiwan and Japan. Starting January 2015, Chian Yaw embarked on his new role as Head of Technical Development & Market Support for Asia Pacific, and continued to be based in Singapore. This position covers a variety of applications for Nynas specialty mineral oils and particularly that of insulating oils.
Prior to working in Nynas, Chian Yaw has worked in several application development and technical roles with Dow Chemicals, DuPont Dow Elastomers, 3M and ICI Polyurethanes.
Chian Yaw received his Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering from the National University of Singapore. He also has a Master Degree in Business Administration from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia.
 Lenny 1

Mr. Lanny Shaver

Mr. Shaver has been with LumaSense Technologies in a variety of engineering, product development and product management roles for more than 20 years.  Today Mr. Shaver leads LumaSense Technologies’ development of innovative thermal imaging technologies and software used by electric power producers and critical industrial users to detect asset degradation and process deviations sooner with automated methods. Taking advantage of his broad industrial experience to guide developments LumaSense is helping customer deploy automated control systems.
In earlier roles at LumaSense Mr. Shaver led multi-disciplinary teams to develop turn-key solutions for power plants, steel plants and petro-chemical refineries that combined infrared technology, sensors, mechanics, networking, computers and software to improve process and safety.
Mr. Shaver started his career as a design engineer developing optical sensing solutions for harsh energy and industrial applications.  Prior to joining LumaSense Lenny was a mechanical engineer at Watlow Electric.  He has dual engineering degrees (BSME and BSEPP) from Washington University in St. Louis, is published in many trade journals, presents at industry events and has multiple US patents for novel temperature sensors.  He works out of LumaSense headquarters in Silicon Valley California and lives with his family in San Francisco.
 Dato Ir

Dato' Ho Peng Choong

Dato' Ir. Ho Peng Choong is the current Vice President of Transmission and has a wide range of job responsibilities. Chief among them is to be responsible for the overall performance of Tenaga Nasional's transmission business, which focuses on transporting electricity, managing the division's assets as well as operating and maintaining transmission network. Besides this, he is also financially accountable for the cost effective operations and profitable growth of the business unit in Division. Another job is providing a clear sense of direction to ensure long term sustainable growth and profitability of the business unit, through effective use of resources and management of operations.
Jason edited

Mr. Jason Cho

Mr. Cho obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Liverpool Polytechnic UK in 1987 and his Master’s degree in International business Management  from the City University of Hong Kong in 1999. 
He is currently the Business Development Manager for M&I Materials Ltd (Manchester UK). He is also a Corporate member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IET), chartered engineer of IEE since 1993.

Ms. Elisa J Figueroa

E. Figueroa works as a Specialist Engineer in Asset Investment Management at BC Hydro. She is the current Canadian Representative to CIGRE Study Committee A2 – Transformers. Her utility career started in 1986 with Ontario Hydro. She has been instrumental in developing the PCB Strategy and Program for both Hydro One and BC Hydro. She has been a Transformer Asset Manager since 2002. Ms. Figueroa received her Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from McMaster University, Ontario, Canada.


Zhou Si Yuan

Mr. Zhou Si Yuan

Mr Zhou is based in Guangzhou, China. He specializes in Power and Gen-Man sectors, supporting China, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, and India; and on the product side covering turbines, gears, compressors, transformers, HTF, etc. 
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